Food Commons Fresno is growing a community food system that fosters health, stewardship, equity, and economic development.

What is Food Commons Fresno?

Food Commons Fresno is a for-profit benefit corporation and a non-profit land trust, working to grow a vibrant, community-owned local food system in Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley.

What is a Direct Public Offering?

Direct Public Offerings (DPOs) are a way for small businesses to raise capital directly from their communities and customers. Like in an Initial Public Offerings (IPO), people buy shares in a company, but unlike IPOs, the shares are not traded on a stock market or sold through investment banks.

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"I'm investing in Food Commons Fresno so they can continue delivering local, healthy food to the community"

Warren King


“I’m investing in Food Commons Fresno to create community wealth and wellbeing in the San Joaquin Valley.”

Karen Schmidt

Allysunn Walker-Williams

"Because equitable, shared ownership of this dynamic food enterprise is a sustainable opportunity for the SW Fresno community. I want to see it grow and thrive and bring resources to this beloved community. Let's all invest so everyone can share in the benefits!"

Allysunn Walker-Williams

Adam Livingston

"I'm investing in Food Commons Fresno to support conservation and build a sustainable, local food system."

Adam Livingston



Our Community Corporation has been working since 2015 to increase access to fresh local food and connect small local farmers to customers in the Valley and beyond.

We operate a CSA produce box delivery business, a wholesale food hub, a food truck commissary kitchen, and a 75-acre organic farm.


Our growth will bring more fresh local food to residents, expand markets for small local farms and food producers, create 40+ new jobs, and generate $40+ million in economic benefits.

Community members will share in the ownership, governance, and future profits of a vertically integrated business grounded in community values of health, fairness, transparency, environmental stewardship, and economic empowerment.


Our Direct Public Offering is an opportunity to join a movement that fosters sustainable agriculture, community ownership and economic development.

Complete this form to receive a link to download our Offering Memorandum and to request additional information, or feel free to call or email us directly.

  • (559) ORGANIC ext 702
  • blong@foodcommonsfresno.com

FCF is the first prototype of The Food Commons, a national advocacy organization with plans to replicate Food Commons affiliates throughout California and the United States